Monday, 2 November 2015

                    Lt Switchgear and Control Manufacturer
                 Dp Panel Cubical Body and Generator Body

We are manufacturer of electric DP panels and electric generator body with good and best quality in cheap price. we provide the best long life guaranty of our products. we have been working since fifteen year.

we believe in that customers are running with you life time because of your qualities and ethics.

Feeder Pillars:
                        Feeder pillars are the electrical control panels that are installed in the uncovered open areas, In these panels the cable entry is from bottom only . We provide special featured in these panels like.
Inclined Top for protection from rain water .
Water proof
Solid angle iron frame welded to the bottom of the panel for grouting in earth to prevent it from damage in windstorms and havoc. Lockable doors these panels are manufacture from M.S sheet duly powder coated.   

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